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a cleansing ritual performed by avian undertakers

2008 Sound Art Space, Laredo;
2006 Optica festival, Spain'; State of the Image Interactive Media Festial, Gelderland, Netherlands; Polymer video show, Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga

the soundspace of sacrament is constructed to compliment the textual choreography of the action. the basic acoustic landscape is built from wild sound recorded with the original video footage, enhanced with transposed sampled events and post-processed accents. placement of dynamics on the sonic stage was done with attention to effecting the two-dimensional presentation of a three-dimensional surround.

along with the crafted soundspace of this post-natural video environment, an original musical composition was created, echoing the unfolding revelation. the tonal palette used in this electronic score for sacrament was selected from performance recordings of medieval chants written in honor of the martyr. more specifically, the sounds used were sampled from the space between musical phrases: consonants that end lines, and the decay of resonance following the cessation of singing. these sounds were used as a reference to the relationship connecting the cadence and repose between musical statements and the more concrete conclusion and cleansing dealt with in the visual imagery.

wireless video capture and postproduction
carol lafayette

original musical composition - morgan jenks
sound production - bill jenks